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Tranzit Products

What Tranzit offers?


Tranzit provides a diverse range of financial solutions:

  • Financial Loans
  • Debt purchase and financing from financial Institutions, banks, and companies;

  • Financial Leasing

  • Factoring

  • Debt Collection Services

Our financing solutions are provided for all the sectors, industries, and investments. Whether mostly short-term or medium-term, our financing options are adaptable to clients’ specific requirements.


Financial Loans

Terms for loans and lines of credit, including interest rates, maturity periods, and amortization schedules, are determined on a case-by-case basis. Collateral requirements may include real estate or movable properties, providing you with flexible and favorable financing options. Grace periods may extend up to three years.


Debt purchase and debts financing

Purchase and debts financing enables immediate liquidity and in large funds for the client through fast, simple, and transparent procedures of analyzing the portfolio and providing offers.


Financial leasing

Financial leasing enables the real-time use of an asset/property and the generation of benefits through this usage, as well as the acquisition of ownership of the asset at the end of the contract. Tranzit offers fast, simple, and transparent procedures for determining the terms of this product.



Through factoring, Tranzit offers the opportunity to create liquidity by selling your future receivable invoices. Factoring is a quick way to help businesses improve their daily liquidity flow.

Debt Collection Services

The service of debt collection is an important aspect for the financial and the liabilities management of a company. This service helps to ensure the company's liquidity and reduces the risk of revenue loss.