The products at Tranzit

Tranzit offers large size financing through several products:

  • Loans and lines of credits
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Equity participation
  • Debt purchasing and financing from financial institutions, banks and companies


Financing is available for various uses including:

•    New investments
•    Growth & expansion
•    Working capital
•    Dividend payout
•    Refinancing
•    Buyouts of other partners
•    Acquisitions

Financing is available to businesses of any industry, sector, or investment activity and is mostly short and medium term. The amounts of financing vary in size and are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Loans and lines of credit

The terms of the loans and lines of credit such as interest, maturity, or the amortization schedule vary on a case-by-case basis. The collaterals required can be real estate or movable properties. Grace periods are favorable and may extend up to three years.


Mezzanine financing

If the borrower has pre-existing debt obligations, mezzanine financing can be offered where Tranzit takes a subordinated position to the senior lender’s claims to the collateral.


Equity participation

In addition to loan and mezzanine financing, Tranzit offers debt combined with equity financing. This option provides for improved credit terms and enhances the clients’ ability to repay the loan faster.


Debt purchasing and financing

Tranzit’s debt purchasing provides immediate and sizeable liquidity to the seller of the debt through quick, simple and straightforward procedures both in the analysis of the portfolio and in the placing of the offer.


Interest rates and commissions