Tranzit is licensed from the Bank of Albania as non-bank financial Institution on August 4, 2010 with License no. 20. The company offers financing opportunities, leasing, factoring, administration of Non-performing Loan and overdue liabilities. Tranzit is a company owned by Moscopole INC. and two investment funds managed by NCH Capital, which are well-known US investors in the region and further.

Tranzit’s success relies on advanced information technology, the dedicated and specialized team, also with the analytical and decision-making capabilities. This has made possible the continuous growth of the company for the 14 years of its activity, making Tranzit today the leading company in the market of bad exposure management.

The company has a staff of 45 dedicated professionals who manage the total assets with a nominal value of EUR 150 million and a client’s portfolios of over 150,000 individuals and businesses, extended all around Albania.

All the data related to the company can be found on the official website of the National Business Center (NBC) with Nuis: K91624020M